RADOS TLD Dosimeter for personal dosimetry

manufactured by Mirion Technologies (RADOS) Oy

RADOS TLD badge for Hp(0.07) and Hp(10) including LiF:Mg,Ti or LiF:Mg,Cu,P

RADOS Thermoluminescence Dosimetry system covers a wide range of applications:

RADOS TLD System includes all the components needed for easy and accurate Personal Dosimetry. Easy adaption of high sensitive TL-materials and low noise photon counting measurement method makes the RADOS system extremely suitable for environmental dosimetry.

Ingenious dosimeter card construction and high measurement range bring the advantages of an automatic reader to clinical dosimetry applications.

The RADOS badge design allows the exchange of filter materials, filter thickness and TL materials. This is both to satisfy the needs of different applications and also to offer the possibility of applying new TL-materials easy.

The standard TLD dosimeter card consists of a coded slide placed in a slide holder, with or without filters, and carried inside the dosimeter cover. The slide has four positions for the detectors (pellets, chips or rods). The detectors are not attached to the slide positions and any required number of

positions up to four can be used. This makes it possible to handle the elements separately (e.g. extremity or clinical dosimetry).

RADOS TLD Dosimeter - Product leaflet
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TLD Aluminium Cards for personal dosimetry

manufactured by RADCARD (former TLD poland)

TLD cards for Harshaw 4500, 6600 and 8800 TLD reader
TLD cards

Versatile useable and high quality TLD Cards

Aluminium cards with codabar barcodes for use in Harshaw or equivalent TLD card readers. The cards are offered in a wide variety of configurations, with 1 to 4 TLD elements. The elements may be both LiF:Mg,Ti (MTS) and LiF:Mg,Cu,P (MCP) materials.


Lithium is offered in different isotopic composition: natural, 7Li enriched and 6Li enriched. Enrichment of lithium in 7Li is >99.9%, enrichment in 6Li is about 95%.

These cards are suitable for various applications in personal environmental, and neutron dosimetry.

TLD Aluminium Cards
TLD cards with 1 - 4 TLD elements made of LiF:Mg,Ti or LiF:Mg,Cu,P
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