Albedo Neutron Dosimeter

Albedo neutron cover for RADOS or Harshaw TLD cards
Albedo Neutron Dosimeter

Albedo Neutron Dosimeter with TLD Cards

Albedo neutron dosimeters measure indirect neutrons, scattered by the human body, creating a neutron flux of thermal and albedo neutrons at the surface of the body. They have been found to be the only dosimeters which can measure doses due to neutrons over the whole range of energies.

Further the boron-loaded plastic encapsulation allows the simultaneous measurement of beta dose, gamma dose and neutron dose.


Two types of Lithium Fluoride are used to separate doses contributed by gamma-rays and neutrons. MTS-6 (enriched in 6Li and very sensitive to thermal neutrons) and MTS-7 (containing very little of 6Li and has a negligible neutron response).

6LiF has one of the highest thermal neutron sensitivity of any phosphors. Most of the neutrons will be absorbed inside the MTS-6 pellet within a few 0.1 mm of penetration.

Albedo Neutron Dosimeter for RADOS TLD cards
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