RadPro International GmbH

Your provider for complete TLD systems.

RadPro International GmbH is a company based in Germany and founded in 2003.
As worldwide distributor we provide RADOS TLD systems and TLD material of our partners Mirion Technologies and Radcard, as well as further TLD products and other radiation protection equipment.


Our Team has many years of experience in radiation protection and we are specialists in TLD applications. Among our customers are the IAEA, NPP’s, Hospitals, Universities and private dosimetry companies.


Our products are...

  • TLD Reader (manual and automatic) for diffrent application (e.g. personnel dosimetry, environmental monitoring, radiotherapy, research, irradiated food,...)
  • TLD Material based on LiF:Mg,Ti and LiF:Mg,Cu,P, other material on request
  • Irradiator for single TLDs or TLD-cards (tailord to your needs)
  • RSD Alderson Phantoms
  • Survey meters, ionization chamber, EPDs,...
  • Dose Calibrators (for the German market only)
  • ESR Spectrometer


Our global partners:

Latest and most compact OSL System


The OSL reader myOSLraser (reader + eraser) is a manual device for evaluation of single myOSL Dosimeters used for personal dosimetry. Equipped with a feeder it automatically processes up to 200 myOSL dosimeter per loading and has also the capability of erasing the residual signal from the detectors within seconds.


PSLfood is a small, lightweight and portable OSL reader for checking food samples according to EN 13751:2009 if they have been irradiated or not.